Beautiful Beachfront Lot at Samal Island for Sale. Only P4.2  M Much cheaper than neighboring beach lotsPhp7,985.00 per square meter.Big lot – 526 square meters. Barangay Auntood, Balet, IGCS,  Island City Garden of Samal.This is the island where Pearl Farm Beach Resort is located.The beach property itself. The land inclining we have built some cement stairs already and an unfinished building  structure is already there, included na.The lot is SQUARE shaped.It has 14 meters of beautiful Beachfront, with beach huts, natural Stones, white sand. White sand, Pure clear water. You can see the fishes clearly. Strong wind breeze. Tranquil.House foundation and walls already started for building.Facing Liquid Island, not facing the busy wharf of  Davao City.The Beach is away from congestion, away from crowd but still near main city.Easily accessible, because it is not far from the main wharf. When I ride motorcycle from the wharf, it only takes  more than 20 minutes and I’m there.Cellphone and internet signal okayComplete papers Contact Joanna Velayoo9357422292  GlobeFor inquiries, please contact the numbers above as we do not reply asap via comments, FB messages, messages, et cetera.