Benefits for partners:

Recognisable brand

Timely payments

High commission per lead

Lead validity criteria:

The user has filled out the form on the landing page and subscribed to the chatbot in Telegram (after filling out the form, a redirect to the chatbot occurs). Test orders of webmasters are not paid for, requests that do not go to the chatbot are not counted, conversions with an empty referrer are not counted (you cannot see the source of traffic).

“Test-Drive” This is a free 7-day marathon.It is suitable for those who want to work in IT but do not know what profession to choose.During the test drive, you will try yourself in 4 professions. Full-stack developer, designer, tester, and project manager. After the marathon, they will understand which profession suits them best. And they will be able to develop in the chosen direction.

TARGET AUDIENCE:M/F 23-38 years old70% men. 30% women.

UX/UI Design. A 4-day marathon where you can try yourself as a website and application designer.It is suitable for those who want to work in IT, but without programming and want a creative profession. This profession allows you to freelance and work in companies, often international ones, receiving a salary in dollars without being tied to a workplace.