The technique of extracting important insights from texts is called text analysis.ML can process a variety of textual data, including emails, texts, and postings on social media. This data is preprocessed and analyzed using specialized tools.

Textual analysis using machine learning is quicker and more effective than manually analyzing texts. It enables labor expenses to be decreased and text processing to be accelerated without sacrificing quality.

The process of gathering written information and turning it into data points that can be tracked and measured is known as text analytics. To find patterns and trends in the text, it is necessary to be able to extract quantitative data from unprocessed qualitative data. AI allows this to be done automatically and at a much larger scale, as opposed to having humans sift through a similar amount of data.

Robotics, marketing, and sales are just a few of the businesses that use ML text analysis technologies. To train the machine on how to interact with such data and make insightful conclusions from it, special models are used. Overall, it can be a useful strategy for coming up with ideas for your company or product.